Monday, August 27, 2007

Acronyms R Us

Where do I begin?
How can I relate this little episode?

I suppose there is no other way than to just 'jump in'.

Over the weekend, Gil picked up a new hobby to pass the time. He discovered

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Google pairs you and an unknown, worldwide partner in a 2:00 minute round of 'name this photo'. Each photo that you and your partner successfully match words on, you generate points. Google tracks your pointage. It also lists high scores and such, both for individual rounds as well as all time players.

Gil is [currently] addicted. :)

So, why the big blogging hullabalou, you might ask?

Well, my husband woke me up (again) this morning, in a state of exhileration I've not seen since the most recent Tornadic Vortex Signatures scrolled across his Intellicast report.

Seems the pro-verbiage polyglot GilMeister placed second worldwide in a quick ten minute round this morning. See? His username is pickzell:

Here was an amazing word match that he and his partner paired, notations from his email to me regarding this auspicious occasion:

It wasn’t an easy 2 minutes, either. Look at what we had to contend with right up front:

We matched on beige. What is it? A polyp? Heaven only knows what they’re cooking up at Berkeley!

You can already detect a slight amount of maniacle excitement in him, can't you?

Well, that ain't nothin', I tell ya!

After all, Gil ALSO discovered this morning that the acronym for Google Image Labeler is GIL.

Of course.

Gil was made for such a game as this.


Lord Jesus, help me.


gil_broussard said...

Hindsight is 20/20. Now it looks like gefilte fish.

Can I get a witness?

Jodi said...

...and your witness is here to atest that you are a genius! Congrats!

Sunshyne said...

Hilarious! Congrats on your win! :P


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