Saturday, August 25, 2007

Move Over, Radio GaGa . . .

There's a new song in town: Gram GaGa!

Not that I'm smitten or anything . . .but just. look. at. that. sight! :)

Nothing could be finer . . .or more reefreshing, than to know that my babies are finally getting some serious rest after a harrowing 10 days of NICU trips.

Sleep on, precious ones. These moments are priceless.


Dawn said...

There are no words to describe these precious miracles!! Thank God they are home safe and sound.

Karen/flutter2you said...

Sure, I leave on vacation, and THEN everything happens!!! LOLOL!!!

Oh, he's beautiful! And Mom and Grammie GAGA sure look like they're handling things well too!

Blessings abound - I'm just delighted - keep those pictures coming!!!!

Tim & Richelle said...

They are beautiful -

And I've so appreciated your wisdom as you've encouraged and protected your daughter through this difficult time. Thanks for sharing as you have.

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