Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meet The Family

Well, you've met a slew of my friends here in my little corner of the blogosphere ~ so why not introduce, in a more formal fashion, members of my family?
Are you ready?
This is Grandpa Allan. My Dad. Aubrey's namesake.
Grandpa Allan can do absolutely anything. He's a Genius. He's a Musician. He's a Master Mechanic. He's a Humorist. Heck, he even has a Tractor, and Cows. And Horses.
The one thing Grandpa Allan does not have is a houseful of rambunctious kiddos, clambouring for attention. That's because he likes his quiet.
So, he lives up on the side of a mountain in a cozy little house with a steep driveway in the middle of the Pine Ridge in Nebraska.
Dad is quite handsome, even though he won't pose for a photo . . .
And he's silvered quite well since I last saw him.
The kind of silver that makes one want to hurry up and go grey so one can have it too. :)
I took a look in the mirror this morning.
Ah. I love it when a plan comes together! :)


Karen H said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Are you still in Nebraska, or home in MS????

Jodi said...

Hey Angi girl! I have been looking forward to your new entry. I have really missed you and your spirit. Marie has asked about you several times. Everyone has missed you. You are so loved. Be blessed and stay in touch.

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