Wednesday, April 25, 2007

After The Fire

The fires raged well over a week, and threatened the town of Chadron, NE, travelling up to the college campus, and devouring two homes in it's path. Both the homes of my Grandparents, and my Dad were in danger of being a casualty. Here are two photos, from Mom's files, of the angry rant: I waltz in well after the ground has cooled, the winter has passed, and spring dares to reclaim that which the fire had taken ownership of. The result is a verdant greenery, revealing the nature and character ~ the tenacity of life that dares to continue, regardless of the trial.

So like the pioneers that settled this seemingly harsh country, the forest will rise again: thicker, lusher, more nourishing than before. The wildlife will settle in and take up fresh residence, multiply and flourish.
Where has your forest been ravaged by fire? Take heart ~ spring has lifted it's voice ~ and will not go unheard.

1 comment:

Karen H said...

Missing you - and wishing I was there with you in Chadron!!!

Please say hi to your Mom and Roger for me!!!

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