Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I about came unglued when I downloaded this picture! The perfection of the captured moment thrilled my heart . . .and wisked me away to my youth when horses were all I could think about.

I cannot forget how I obsessed over these majestic creatures ~ reading, drawing, playing, dreaming . . .one day, I would have my own. And have my own I did!

My first horse couldn't have been more perfect. A Quarter Horse Arabian mix (now an acknowledged breed: Quarab) green broke filly that had the most gentle temperament, yet the best spring in her step, became my best friend. The innate connection of communication was deep ~ and looked a little something like this:

Yes. Prairie Diamond understood me. I understood her.

My heart still dreams and aches over her, and one day, yes, one day soon, there will be a new green broke Quarab filly in the barn. The hay will crunch as soft lips reach for it's nourishment, and the delicious smell of horsehair will rise to meet my nostrils. My children will be well versed in horsemanship, and my heart will sing once again.

So, dream on, Aubrey, and draw near to the object of your affection. It is the birthplace of character and knowledge of intimate communication.

To know is to be known.

To be known is to know.

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Sunshyne said...


It looks like you all had a wonderful time on your trip. :)

Welcome home.

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