Sunday, June 25, 2006

This One's for Miriam . . .

How can I best describe Miriam?

She is witty.
She is pleasant to be around.
She has the ability to see humor in almost every situation.

Miriam has a super husband, a strong family bond, and great cats (even if they do have to be fed in separate rooms!)

Miriam takes calculated risks that benefit her family.
Miriam befriends those around her.
Miriam is a great friend to my great guy.
Miriam has a haircut that ALMOST looks like mine . . .

Miriam deserves "THE PHOTOS".

So, without further ado, Miriam (and the rest of the FANTASTIC ACH team!!) Here is the PROOF! :) LOLOL! (Get ready to "Blow it out", Artie! ) LOLOL

The Drive:

The Meeting:

The SonicDisplay:

1 comment:

Miriam said...

Thanks for those kind words about me. My wonderful husband said he would have escorted me into the restaurant and to all the curious on-lookers he would have said,"If anyone sees a guy in a tuxedo mad as a hornet, tell him I have his bride!" That was unexpected. He'd have gone with it!!

The pictures say it all!! I'll bet you won't be able to top this one any time soon---although I know you'll be putting your mind to it.

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