Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Fame Of It All ~

Well, I guess I have a following.


How cool is that?

As of late, I've been receiving emails and solicitations to 'get back to blogging'!! I sense that it is an 'or else' type of communication from those who love me.

So, to those who love me: Thanks. :) You've filled my emotional 'love tank' with fresh edification. :) You've successfully convinced me! Ok! I'll blog! :)

Now, what shall I share today? :) How about a new pic whilst I wet my writing pen . . . .

~Big Grin ~

1 comment:

Ceanna's Grandma said...

Love the new picture, Angi - that's the Angi haircut and smile all rolled into one beautiful picture!

Yes, get back to "blogging" - but I would never say "or else" to you, my friend! I know how busy life can be, and am grateful that you take the time (unlike me!) to keep us all so well informed about the happenings in the great state of MS!

Hugs to all the family - and thank goodness you're okay!!!


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