Sunday, June 18, 2006

Soybean Sushi and Other Tales

It was inevitable.

Even though even McDonald's has jumped on the healthfood bandwagon, I still avoided the item altogether in my Asian salad.

Not so at Osaka, where Gil took me to celebrate our anniversary.

I am certain that it was the salt that drew me in . . .and I should have known when he wouldn't tell me WHAT it was ~ just to EAT IT! Well, don'tcha know, that warm morsel of fresh vegetable called my name, and I was hooked.

About the third or forth bean pod, I said, rather matter of factly: "These are soybeans, aren't they?"



Why do I get suckered into these spots?!? LOLOL (At least I avoided the Miso soup.)

Here is to another delightful year . . .to my love. You are better than a Hibachi steak in my book! :)

1 comment:

Karen H in NH said...

Miso Soup is AWESOME! You should have tried some!!!

You two lovebirds look great! :-)

Certainly a blessed pair... I'm so happy for you both!

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