Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Angie Earned Her Car!

Her efforts have added to the heritage.

It is so exciting to celebrate her success, at every milestone, she reveals growth of character, skill, and maturity. This accomplishment is no different.

Meet Angie Lewis, a Future Director in my Mary Kay Unit (Angi's Awe-Inspiring, Achievement-Reaching, Absolutely-Awesome Ambassadors!). She and her personal team have just completed the requirements that earn Angie the use of a Mary Kay Career Car, the Pontiac Vibe.

There are now four car drivers that have stemmed from the Ambassador Unit (YEAH!) and I am honored to have be associated with such women of caliber and strength; fortitude and dedication. My heart swells with a postitive pride and joy, such as that of a mother who loves her children. :)

Angie's success story is one of overcoming the battlefield of the mind. No matter that Hurricane Katrina caused an upheaval of her family, and created a move that took them to Huntsville, AL. No matter that intense extended family struggles sought to overtake her forward motion.

No, Angie dared to believe against all odds, and she succcessfully led her team to an incredible honor.

Way to go, Girl! Not only do I love you, I am proud of you!

1 comment:

Angie said...

to be loved gives backbone and courage...thank you.

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