Wednesday, May 03, 2006

WiseBird Lives!

The children and I just finished reading OmKasToe, the story of a young Blackfeet Indian boy as he journeys through the regions of Montana before the influx of European people.

OmKasToe, a resourceful boy, rescues a young raven, whom he names WiseBird; trains it, and, remarkably, the raven returns the kindness time and time again by saving OmKasToe.

Aubrey and Israel were quite taken with the young lad and his adventurous bird. It seems as though the Indian folklore has Gram taken as well . . .at least "taken'" pictures! ~ Big Grin ~

Gram shot this AMAZING raven photo on her most recent travels to Nevada. We think Gram is awesome. She "ROCKS" [see photo below!]. Yep. She's a pretty WiseBird. :)

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