Friday, April 28, 2006

Katrina . . .The Second Time Around

There he is.

My Guy.

The Great Adventurer ~
at 21.

In the Cayman Islands for a luxurious getaway vacation.

Only it didn't go quite as planned! Gil arrived just in time for the island to be evacuated for the impending hurricane offshore . . .and no one bothered to inform him!

Imagine his suprise as he awoke from a good solid sleep upon arrival to find that NO ONE in the service industry was on duty.



For a week.

While Hurricane KATRINA ('81) stalled offshore.

Ah. Bested twice by the Beast.


Krista - Zoogiddybop on Sonlight Forums said...

What a story! I can't imagine that.

My husband and I spent a glorious week there at the Radisson in 1995 for our honeymoon - I hope you all got to or get to go back some day. The snorkeling was spectacular, playing with the stingray at Stingray City was so fun, and swimming down to collect a conch shell under a tuft of grass, and then later eating the conch, lime marinaded only, was a great experience (not tasty).

~ Angi :) said...

I've asked Gil to take me to the Caribbean . .any island will do! His response:

"I've already been there."


You've just added another reason why I should go! :)

melloman said...

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