Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sunshine On The Veranda

How do I love you, little boy,
with such a deep, enduring love?

How is it that you capture my heart so,
topple its' defenses, and render it soft?

Why do you consistently impress me
with your thoughts and opinions that
reveal your upright heart?

Why did I look at you in amazement,
when you, unasked, bless me with
a cup of tea?

What type of strength shall you possess,
as you grow to manhood, surrounded by

What joy and gladness will you bring the
world, the result of your character of gold?

Where shall you travel, taking with you
the treasures in your heart to share?

Where shall you make the deepest impact,
making your mark upon the world that
cannot be erased?

When shall you take you place in history
as a great and noble man?

When shall those who meet you recognize
the King that lives within?

How is it, little boy, that the sun shines on
the veranda, whenever you are near?

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