Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In Search Of Bethany

The discovery startled me, as I had not set out to find the information that suddenly crystallized before my eyes as I read. I had gotten the book in an effort to educate myself, so that my homeschooling skills could be sharpened. I did not know that I would come face to face with my daughter ~ and finally understand.

Cynthia Tobias' book, The Way We Learn, discusses a person's learning styles. I quickly identified myself, my husband; peered inquisitively into the books pages for a grasp of Aubrey and Israel; Tiffany, well, elusive is the best word! :)

The star of the show was Bethany. Clearly imprinted in black and white. The Creative Random Learning Style. Oh, that I had known this YEARS ago . . .when she was yet young. So much struggle could have been averted. So many unexplainable events understood.

Like the time she was sent to the principal's office in KINDERGARTEN? I simply could not understand my child's seemingly defiant response to a simple request from her teacher. The list goes on and on. Time after time, Bethany responded to her world within the boundaries of the design in which God created her.

"CR's are intuitive, quick-thinking, curious, and resourceful. The concrete part of their nature makes them very "hands-on", but their random ordering process causes them to be somewhat unpredictable. The CR's often fight structure and routine, preferring to keep all their doors open. Life usually goes by at a breathless pace with CR's because they are constantly looking for new challenges and untried doors. If something becomes routine or boring, CR's simply drop it and go on to the next, more exciting prospect."

Time after time, I honed my response. After all of these years, and struggles too numerous to mention, did I ever get it right?

Somehow, I believe I did.

She smiled at me Sunday.

In a way only Bethany can.



Loving Life.


Meeting The World Head On at a Breakneck Pace ~

On Her Own Terms.

Hello, Bethany. I am your Mom. How nice to meet you.


Karen H-NH said...

Wow - oh that the teachers could grasp this as well, instead of trying to make all students "little soldiers." I wish I knew then what I'm still learning now..... "One Size does NOT fit all!!!"

Perhaps a book I need to read as well - thanks for sharing it, Angi....

Hadias said...

At times I find it challegning raising my now teen daughter. We are so alike and yet so different. I pray often because I pride myself on being very knowledgable of the character of each member of my home, but my daughter always seems to throw me for a loop.

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