Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Livin' Large and High On The Horse!

I am sooo excited I can hardly stand it!!

Can you believe how wonderful my life is?!?!

Today, I secured a facility for an upcoming event. (It was a VERY big deal trying to find a place, due to the impact of Katrina . . .I've been on the search for about six weeks . . .)

Today, I read (again!) that my new pup is here! Only a few weeks until puppie joins us in Mississippi!!

Today, I employed the Sonlight curriculum I opened last night!

Today, I get to enjoy supper out with my husband while he's all decked out in suit and tie!

Today, my oldest daughter blessed me by sharing a concern of hers. The revelation of the depth of her capacity to show compassion is amazing!

Today, my Aubrey-Girl was given a high compliment. When asked where she obtained her beauty SHE replied . . ."from my Momma"!

Today, I traversed paths of deep intellectual discussion with my dearest friend.

Today, I dropped off my dry-cleaning at a place that will have it ready in 36 hours! (an amazing feat in post-hurricane Mississippi!)

Today, I woke up to the Love of a God that carries me through the heaviest storm, and creates the brightest rainbows.

Today, I am happy. :)

{{{Snoopy Dance!}}}

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