Monday, April 17, 2006

The Interstate, The Bird and Gram's Birthday

Of course, I was up most of the night.

I had to get The Project to a stopping point. Once the week starts, there would be/is very little time to get it done, in the mail, and delivered. The big day is Friday. Mom's Birthday.

How many times has it slipped by, unnoticed? She's never complained, really. But, the memories of Angel Food Cake and her best efforts to make my day special resound within me. So, this year, a very special treat for Grandma.

(I'd love to show you now ~ but I cannot risk Grams getting on the blogosphere and peeking. It would ruin the suprise . . .I am certain you understand!) :)

N-E-Ways . . .I couldn't sleep. Had to finish The Project. It was quite warm when I crawled into bed in the wee hours of the morn, but I wasn't very focused on the temperature. I knew if I didn't sleep, I'd be worth next to nothing in the morning.

I evidently drifted off effortlessly . . .but certainly was unprepared for the intense clatter and squeaking and goings on that followed at o'dark thirty . . .was that Gil?

Yep. Sure enough, it was a picture right out of The Night Before Christmas, where the Papa runs to the window, 'lifts up the shutter to see what was the matter'!

Windows were squeaking and popping into place throughout the house. What a racket! It introduced a crisp breeze, though, so it was welcome. I still felt warm.

Once the noise settled down, the blackness of the night enfolded me and I was off to sleep again. . . .and then it happened.

First it was a car. Then the neighbors' dog. Then . . .hmmmm . . .something indistinguishable . . .but THAT ~ THAT noise was unmistakable!!

Right out of the Jungle Book! A squaking bird from across the way . . .and a noisy one, too! Sigh. I guess a deep sleep would elude us this night . . .

As dawn cracked the day, and Gil prepared to go repair the air conditioner, he said, "Who needs to worry about an Interstate coming through here? That would be welcome, over this BIRD!"

LOL! Well, yes, you are right Gil . . .but how about we just fix the air conditioner?!

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