Friday, October 14, 2011

The Grocery Game: Day 5

I suppose it was bound to happen.

I just didn't think it would be today.

I didn't have what I needed in the pantry, and I'd already begun mixing the recipe.


Don't'cha hate it when that happens?


The day had been fairly routine.  We'd enjoyed the Quiche for breakfast as we each headed out the door to our respective tasks.

Lunch was simple, with Tortilla Wrapped Hummus and a Red Leaf Lettuce Salad at the ready.

Gearing up for the weekend, I knew I'd keep supper simple, and also prepare a batch of chili for easy fixin's when we would come in from Silver Oak Farm.  The plan was a yummy Stir Fry.

That is, until I got the phone call.

A task that would take me through the supper hour was now on the horizon.  I would have to prepare something that could cook without me.  No time for chopping veggies and stirring marinades.  Nope.

It was time for Mr. New and Shiny:

I pulled him out of the cupboard and set about making a family favorite:  Honey Hoisin Chicken.  I knew it would simmer in short order, but yet buy me time as well.  I decided to round out the meal, I'd make a pot of brown rice:

 . . . and break out the freshly plucked green beans from the garden!

 Oh, I was *so* excited about those green beans!  I'd gone the entire summer with a bust of a garden due to a significant drought in our area.  Then, we'd decided to break ground on a 3000 square foot garden plot at Silver Oak Farm.  I'd ordered heirloom variety seeds for a fall garden - and it was/is performing gorgeously!

This harvest was the second I'd taken in a week.  Those tasty, full-flavored pods were sure to adorn our dinner table with gusto.  I couldn't wait!

Anyway, the Honey Hoisin Chicken was easy-peasy to prepare.  I added the soy sauce.  The honey, from a local source.  I reached for the hoisin sauce ~

It was gone.  Every whit gone.

I shuddered.

With google to the rescue, I salvaged the near crash and burn.  "soy sauce" "honey" "chicken" were the key words I used.  Thankfully, all I needed to round out flavors was some ginger (grabbed it out of the freezer and grated), garlic (skinned, peeled, and minced!), and onion (I had a few rings of a purple onion left in a ziplock).  I tossed in the chicken breasts, put the brown rice in the rice cooker, and satisfied myself in the knowledge that the green beans would be a fast fix upon my return.

With a few minutes left before I had to go, I browned up some hamburger and onion, added the thawed chili beans that I made earlier in the week, tomatoes, and my home concocted seasonings, and brought that mix to a gentle boil, turning it off once I saw steam rising.  I placed the lid, turned out the light, and moved into the next task.


By the time I returned my house was an aromatic bouquet of welcome.  The chicken was ready, the rice was ready.  I turned the chili on low and began snipping the ends of the beans.  Gil was home, Keller was happy, and I was happy ~ our first meal together at the table in many, many days (due to Gil's work schedule).

It's so easy to be overwhelmed when something goes awry in the kitchen.  Unless your emotional state is at it's utter end, and you need to be swept off of your feet to a six course meal to make your life joyous and peaceful once again (let's face it, sometimes we NEED that!) . . . you CAN meet the challenge of a missing item or two, or three from your pantry.

You CAN!

The example I experienced today was minuscule compared to some I've had.  ~ Boy Howdy~

And there are days when I could just kiss google's double o's . . .

Yet this meal was fresh, wholesome, delicious and good for us, no doubt.

Just take a look see:

The Chicken:  28 grams of protein, high in niacin, phosphorus, selenium, and B6
The Rice:  4.5 grams of protein, 6% RDA of iron, 2% calcium, high in manganese
The Beans:  High in dietary fiber, vitamin A and C Low, low calories!!  :)

Now for the price tag:

The chicken:  .86 each breast
The rice:  .14
The green beans:  free

A healthy, tasty meal for a 1.00 per person.  Not too shabby, eh?  :)

There were two adults and one toddler at the table tonight.  Three breasts remain, the rice and the green beans are gone.  I'll re-purpose the breast for that Stir Fry (finally!) LOL

The chili, you ask?  Well, it will sit tonight, melding all it's yumminess.  Tomorrow it will shine, and I'll not have to slave over the stove at all, because it will already be ready!  :)

Honey Soy Chicken:  The Grocery Game Day 5

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment - tidbits from YOU to share, along with Gil's Ultimate Popcorn recipe!


Jan said...

Angi, I'm having SUCH FUN following your adventure and planning some of you strategies for my next shopping trip.

Cricket said...

I made the one pot meal tonight- it was yummy! What I like is that one can add a tweak here of there as they desire. I added some garlic because....welll.. and meal w/o garlic is sacrilegious. ;)

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