Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Grocery Game: Day 11

The nip in the air was a little less nippy today, but it was a fall day nonetheless, so I set about putting together a delicious and aromatic soup to soothe the soul.

But first, errands to run and tasks to accomplish, so I pulled from the freezer two ziplock baggies of a homemade vegetable broth I'd constructed about six weeks ago.  I placed it in the stock pot still frozen, unopened, and prepared my morning eggs.  I had half thought I'd make myself a 'breakfast burrito' with scrambled eggs, onion, pepper, spinach and cheese rolled in a tortilla - only to change my mind last minute because I was loading last nights' dishes in the dishwasher.

The morning sped by, and come lunch time, I imbibed on a salad, an the rest of the Black Bean Hummus which had mellowed with age.  I'll still be dropping the amount of lemon juice next time, but it was definitely less tangy.  (How much ya wanna bet it was my rockin' fresh lemon, and the idea that *they* had used bottled lemon juice?)  hehehe.  :)

By the end of the noon hour, the vegetable broth was well on it's way to liquefying, so I began the soup process.

Into the skillet went the veggies for a quick saute', then added to the now bubbling broth.  A dash of this, a dash of that . . . the garbanzo's at the ready from the freezer; the one cup of remaining black beans from last night's hummus; I even added the frozen roasted pepper once slated for another batch of hummus!  Simmering, melding, creating . . . on and on it readied itself for our supper this evening.

What is so special about a minestrone soup, you might ask?  Well, it is chick full of vegetables for one.  Second, those handy-dandy protein and fiber rich beans.  Third - it just tastes good, all without the need for a meat base.  On those occasions when the meat supply is low, a minestrone soup can set a wholesome, abundant tone for your home and your tummy.  Pair it with a warm, freshly baked loaf of French Bread - also inexpensive on the ingredients - or, a rich and sweet cornbread straight from the oven.  It is the perfect compliment to those cold days and evenings when soup is what the doctor ordered.  

This particular medley today?  Perfection!  It was so good, I 'overate'.  LOL 

Bon appetite'!  

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