Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Grocery Game: Day 10

If someone would have told me today was going to be as it was, I probably would have snickered.

I mean, I have a project going on that was supposed to have taken me three weeks . . . and I'm now pressing four months.  There was little chance I'd be movin' and a-shakin' in the manner in which I actually did!

So much for a warm, delicious minestrone soup on this cold, chilly day.

Nope.  My house looked similar to what The Cat in the Hat accomplished when he entertained the kiddos - only I wasn't entertaining kids, I was hosting a *very* impromptu visit from the carpet cleaning folks!  Yes, they came to save my situation at the behest of the GilGuy.  It was a stroke of genius on his part, a marathon only begun on mine!

I had already moved the contents of one room into the kitchen when he called and redirected my own personal efforts to that of a company.  And that company?  Likity-split, and they arrived at my front door.  45 minutes it took them to arrive, no lie.

The cleaned every room in my house (thank you so much!) . . .

 . . .and then he told me the carpets needed 4-6 hours to dry.


Oh. my. word.

How would I keep a young, active boy contained in the 3x3 space that I'd carved out for myself when I'd moved the furniture?  How could I keep him sequestered upon a bed top?

I realized the only answer was to leave the house.

So much for The Project.  Again.

Well, we set about to busy ourselves elsewhere successfully.  The untold effort I would have spent on my own project I spent on my daughter's ~ and she now had the cleanest house in the county, I kid you not.

So, while I sent the carpet cleaning men away happy that they'd scored Peanut Butter cookies for their time and commitment, I nary had time to look at food, let alone cook any.

That's when those black beans I had prepared last week came in pretty handy.

It was nigh 9:30 pm when the day finally shimmied back to the hacienda, and the kitchen was removed of it's ginormous contents.  Gil munched on some leftover lentils, but I decided to put my hand to the Black Bean Hummus recipe my mom had sent me.

A handful of ingredients made the decision easy.  I tossed everything into the food processor, warmed a tortilla for 10 seconds, then wrapped that baby, sitting down to finally eat.

I was fairly happy with the results.  It had a tang to it ~ but I couldn't decide if the tang was because I hadn't allowed the flavors to meld, of if there was too much lemon juice.  I'll try the rest tomorrow, and see if it has mellowed any.

So, let's discuss black beans, shall we?  These little black morsels are power-packed with all kinds of good stuff.  My favorite write up on the subject is put out by Whole Foods:  click here.

In other words:  When in doubt - eat a black bean!  :)

I never intended for today's post to be a short list.  Please bear with me ~ I've a slew of recipes to share, and ideas to give . . . it just so happens that today, in real time, you got to see how the frozen beans made all the difference between me reaching for a Peanut Butter cookie . . . or some protein and dietary fiber.  :)

Try this, and let me know what you think!  :)

Black Bean Hummus:  The Grocery Game:  Day 10

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