Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Sunday Morning ~

 . . . and I've not a drop of coffee in the house; the tea bags available for my use are of the wimpy, green variety; and the clock read 6:25 a.m. when I opened my eyes.

Eagerly I arose, delighted for the quiet window of time I would surely be allowed as the rest of the family slept on into the daylight.  My mood has been contemplative, as I considered the multitude of things that have crossed my path as of late.  Seeking the Lord and His wisdom, reading takes center stage.

One hour later, sleepiness would to have me succumb to it's significant force, as I acknowledge the benefit derived from a fresh cup of coffee.  I consider just how I might go about obtaining a cup, without actually having to leave the comfort of the little reading nest I've built myself in the corner of the couch.

Fruitless, I soon see, is that train of thought.  Therefore, I must now consider:  do I wake everyone up, just to get a cup of joe?

Order my steps in Thy Word; and let not iniquity have dominion over me . . .  Psalm 119:133


Anonymous said...

Hoping you get a cup of joe. I don't drink it, but I know my dh is lost without his!

I talked about you on my blog today....

Karen/flutter2you said...

Have you ever considered detoxing from the caffeine you need in order to jump start your morning? There are definite benefits from not having to depend on the coffee fix..... (words from one who doesn't like coffee...!) LOLOL

~ Angi :) said...

see, the thing is, Karen, I *can* operate without it. I've been in cold turkey situations for lengths of time . . .but, I LIKE to operate with it! :D I suppose a person can't be rehabilitated without the will to do so! :rotflol:

Gee Whiz, Kris . . . I had all but forgotten about that. What a beautiful reminder today, as I think deep thoughts (all without the aforementioned stimulant!) LOL

Dawn Sodini said...

Pepsi doesn't seem to have helped at all this morning. Actually, that is the first early morning pop I have had in at least a week. It still sounds good but more than a few drinks doesn't taste the way I want it too. Enjoy your nest! Someone in particular had a real problem with my nest this morning. (Hope they get over it soon).
Love you!

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