Monday, May 31, 2010

The Best Nest For A Rest Test

Well, I now had one . . . but what was I to do with it?   I'd not had a telephoto lens in my hand since Annual Staff in high school.  And now?  I was dealing with a whole new tiger ~ digital photography, not film.

Fortunately, my family provides plenty of opportunity for action and/or drama and/or impromptu events.  The weekend has been full of such.

Before the GilGuy left to care for his Dad, he mowed the lawn, discovering a Killdeer, in high alert to protect her babes-in-eggs, right smack in the middle of the lawn.

It was dusk, low-light and all, but the DSLR didn't even hesitate.  I worked in automatic mode with the telephoto lens, and the camera immediately set on 3200 ISO, garnering photos that would have the viewer thinking it was broad daylight!  :)  WOOHOOO on that!  :D

Then, there was the impromptu and unexpected trip to the lake with the neighbor.  As I sat on the beach, snapping away at the antics in the water, I considered whether or not I'd really see a difference in photo quality with the telephoto lens.  I shouldn't have even given it a second thought!  The clarity, the detail was superb!

Yet the crowning glory, the cream of the crop moment came for me, when, with very little fanfare, I simply caught this bird, mid-flight, with ease.

I've still much to add to my skill set with this lens . . . but with no lack of testing grounds upon which to hone those skills, I think I'll be busy at least until 2011.


It's a macro lens, all the way, Baby!  :rotflol:


Anonymous said...

Wow your pictures were always stunning before but these are amazing! Love mid-air Keller and the up-close & personal with the bird. Stunning!!

~ Angi :) said...

:grin: Thanks, Jules!! :) I'm pretty tickled myself, as you can see! :)

Dawn Sodini said...

Did you spring for a new camara or just add a lens to the original? I'm w/ Joyce the midair Keller is phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots! I love my telephoto lens!

~ Angi :) said...

I was gifted one, Dawn! :D

Thanks to you, and K for the kudos! :)

K, do you ever use your telephoto for macro shots? I'm planning on doing some reading about it. But if you already know, you can teach me! :)

Cricket said...

Love Keller mid-air as well! As well as the bird. I'd be lost w/o my telephoto and I use it for macro all the time, but I also have a new macro lens.

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