Thursday, March 11, 2010


See this photo?

It was taken with my cell phone by some nice passerby who happened to see me attempting a decent pic on my own, arm-extended-style.

Well, this photograph has been AWOL for several days.  I took it with the intention of sending it to the GilGuy; then, I wanted to use it for a scrappygal project; then . . . I just simply couldn't find it.

That is until the Big Overhaul.  Whilst surfing Blogger's functionality buttons, I stumbled upon their mobile blogging feature.  It surely wasn't there a few months ago, when I diligently searched for such an option.  The lack thereof sent me elsewhere to find a mobile blogging site ~ but alas, that site wouldn't allow me to merge with this provider.  I was up an internet creek without a paddle.

So I dropped the idea like a hot potato.

Meanwhile, enter twitter.  I've futzed with it.  I've fiddled with it.  I've attempted to be a bonafide twitter girl on it.

I considered myself a twitterflunkie.

That is, of course, until a couple of Israel's pals showed me a trick or two.  I was re-twit as it were.  Twitpics all the rage . . . yet I still had a dickens of a time uploading photos!

But, where was I?

Oh yeah!  The photo.

So, in my discovery process of the Blogger mobile blogging app, I managed to successfully set it up.

Connect my phone with my blog.

I decided to upload a pic and a short test note - voila`!!  I found the lost photo!  I was so excited, I quickly added the pic and hit send.  Then, I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

It never arrived.  

Tonight, I revisited the foul technology.
I watched a video.
I sent attempt #2.

No dice.

So, I manually uploaded this photo, yes I did.  Manually.

Because, I'm discovering, some technology is beyond me.  I'm a mobile blogger flunkie.

Maybe someday I'll learn to do these fancy hoop shoots with the best of 'em.

Meanwhile, I'll have to stick close to what I do best:  write it down.

Of course, it will help if I write it down correctly.  As my friend Pamela so deftly pointed out:  I misspoke and misspelled in my header banner.

Ah, well.  Back to the drawing board on that one.


The word obliterated comes to mind.

Make that:  mobilitteroged.

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