Friday, March 12, 2010

Little People, Loud Voices

I've managed to cross the threshold of night #2 into dawn with a tad more sleep than I received the night before. Not only has the current excitement kept me tossing and turning, but the KellerMan has managed to waken repeatedly.

These nocturnal stirrings have not been the pleasant, sleepy, easily-lulled-back-to-dreamland type of awakenings.  No.

They've been the loud, demanding, throw-yourself-on-the-bed type of awakenings.  In a home that is void of carpeting to absorb the sound, the reverberations of an angry toddler have jarred me from my peaceful state, directly into the land of insomniacs!

It's just another chapter in the saga of my very first child who prefers to bring his daytime activities into the midnight hours.


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