Friday, February 26, 2010

I've Got The Tot School Blues ~

I found myself thinking about Tot School the past few days. In our current scheme of things, my stash of odds-n-ends Tot-able items are nowhere to be found. The cabinet back home sits, awaiting our return, ready to supply with an abundance of raw materials at the ready.

It's not like I couldn't get my hands on plenty of spaghetti, or string, or play-dough.

It's not like Tot School isn't portable.

No, what's missing is my purposed, focused direction of L'il Man to an item of inspection - at the time of my choosing.

He's picking up language at breakneck speed; still uses sign language often; and engages himself with items of interest regularly.

He's still learning; still investigating his world.

Yet I miss being such a direct part of his discovery process.

Instead, the world is his playground; his learning curve; his slate upon which he draws conclusions, assumptions, and ideas of life and people and things.

It's not such a bad way to glean understanding . . . but as usual, I wonder to myself what all these experiences: people and places; auditions and faces; drives and walks; the sights and sounds of the big city - will imprint upon this young lad.

Watching him interact boldly with Frank today in between photo takes with Israel, I couldn't help but smile to myself, and be glad that he's gaining confidence in who he is with others.


Perhaps Tot School hasn't been let out after all . . . and maybe, just maybe, the one in greatest need of learning - is the Mom.

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Charlotte in MN said...

We had a bulge in our tire and spent an hour or so in a tire store. Del was fascinated. One of my friends asked what he could be fascinated about. I said 'He is 2. He is fascinated with everything.' Life is a great school.

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