Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dodging Data

The moment was priceless, that of Keller reacting and responding to seeing his Daddy last week. Gil's plane had landed early, so when we walked into the airport to meet him, he was actually waiting for us. I had the presence of mind to turn on the video camera.

The squeals of delight, the laughter, the excitement was tangible in the two year old L'il Man. I had intended to load the clip onto youtube for family . . . alas ~ the data is dodging my skillful execution thereof. :(

I can replay the clip on my camera, but I cannot retrieve it at all - even though I can, and have, snagged all the other photos present. I'm bummed out about that. Looks like a new SD card is in order, 'cause I certainly have no plans to erase the one this little clip is on! :)

Meanwhile, the photos will have to satiate us. Life, hustling and bustling by, while we embrace it with gusto.

1 comment:

mary grace said...

Love those reunion moments. Looking forward to some here tomorrow!

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