Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Money For Nothin' In My Kitchen . . .

Two big burly guys filled the doorway. An even bigger burly box between them, they bumbled into the kitchen.

The house was already percolating supper and desert; members of my family were already arriving home from a day's work. If the Burly Dudes were uncomfortable, they didn't show it ~ if they were hungry, they didn't display any inference.

Gingerly (as gingerly as they were able, anyway) they set the box down in the middle of the floor. A couple moments chatter, a signature, and they were bumbling their way back out the door.

As they climbed into the delivery truck, parked conspicuously in my driveway, I couldn't help but wonder outloud:

"Hey! Weren't they supposed to install this microwave oven?"

Rockabilly sounds filled my mind, and my husband immediately picked up on my vibe. Dire Straights suddenly made an impromptu guest appearance in my dining room . . . Those two big burly guys, wishing they could get their Money For Nothin' . . . and their chicks for free. :)

Ah well. We might have to do the labor ourselves, but we are very appreciative to the one who sent it our way as an early Christmas gift.

Thanks, Mom.


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