Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey! Was That A Honky Tonk??

When I entered the front door, the music was already in full swing. Three generations of skilled guitarists, each strumming the same tune, each with his own accompaniment.

Sam, an elderly gentleman with kindness written upon his ways; Andrew, an accomplished musician, a man after God's own heart; and John, a brand spanking new adult at 19 years of age, the only man connected to a speaker, that his electric strums might resonate.

The musical prose was captivating, as these three played praise unto the Most High God. I busied myself in the kitchen, listening, laughing at the comments between songs, interjecting when appropriate.

A meal, fellowship, and love shared in a small space warmed me to the very core of my being, and ministered to my soul.

Taking up their ware once again, the music took on a jubilant sound ~ if my ears did not deceive me, I was quite certain the room had been transformed into a Honky Tonk.

Yup. I was right. A Christ blood-bought, Holy Ghost sanctified Honky Tonk at Doug's house.

Man, it was great.


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