Thursday, September 03, 2009

Text Me.

In the year 2000 I travelled to the Philippines for ministry purposes. That wonderful trip left a lasting impression on me in many ways, one of which was the Filipino's passion for text messaging.

"Txt! Txt!" was a resounding exclamation - a communication that spanned the mountainous terrain, miles, and brought instant information at the fingertips.

I remember chuckling and shaking my head at the phenomena, for at the time, the passionate pursuit had not yet hit the US of A.

It was not many years hence that my oldest daughters picked up the novelty, and the novelty soon became a habit.

I still didn't understand it.

Or care to participate in it.

My beautiful daughters seemed to develop an obsession. Little did I know that the obsession was sweeping the nation.

These days, there remain very few phone companies who do not offer an unlimited text messaging package. Texting has taken on a whole new dimension, easily translating it's activity between phone to computer and back, in the form of instant messaging. Twitter. Facebook. Yahoo!. You name it, they've got it . . .

and so do my teens, apparently.

I've noticed that Aubrey and Israel have taken up the texting phenom with ease. Communication at it's quickest, easiest, and, to them, most fun.

Another unique feature in all of this has been an increasing amount of parent-child communication via the feature. Yes, texting has become a way of life, a reality in our home. Right down to the disagreement.

You see, last night my son was arguing with me over the chat feature of an electronic Scrabble game embedded in Facebook.

{shaking my head, laughing}

What has this world come to?

Hey ~ when you've got the answer to that, text me. I'm out the door!



Theresa in WV said...

I've not fallen prey yet. I'm too much of a perfectionist to mistype words on purpose!

Eda said...

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