Thursday, August 06, 2009


Books are strewn everywhere across my dining room table right now, evidence of shifting bookcases and cleaning-while-I'm-at-it activity. Originally, the project was to have been completed by today, however, lovin' on the KBoys, asking for release from jury duty, and completing auditions for my son, the actor took presidence over the task.

No matter.

By Monday, every 'i' will be dotted, every 't' crossed in the final stages of school preparations here, and we will jump in with both feet, ready to take in knowledge together as a family.

The delay on my part served as the impetous for a creative endeavor on Aubrey's part. She designed new binder covers for the instructors' guide,

student questions,

and schedule.

Aren't they beautiful?


Dawn Sodini said...

They are beautiful. Would she like to make Mia a set?

Jan said...

Wow beautiful is right!! Good going Aubrey!

Debi said...

They are lovely.
I'll take a set we are doing Core 5 this year. I need more girlie stuff in my house of boys.

knit1kids4 said...

Just beautiful... my set next? Core 4 here :-)

Luke said...

Very nice [smile].


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