Thursday, July 02, 2009

Service With A Smile

Presently, my son, The Actor, has a bevy of personnel swarming about him almost at any given moment. Handlers of sorts, as they manage minute details such as the aligning of buttons on a shirt, hair in place, makeup perfect. Oh, and let's not forget the "Where is he?" question that might swirl at times, given that his boundless energy is very apparent to all.

Why then, would it be necessary of him to request of me, his mother, that she take a stroll down to the snack bar and glean for him the most appropriate food stuff item and/or refreshment?

Because there is no time to waste, people. Easier it be brought to him, than he go gallivanting about, only to be lost to the handlers once again. Service with a smile, he receives. After all ~ this action carries great pays off for me. Consider this:

  1. I've gotten more exercise walking the grounds of the set this week than I did all last month. and . . .
  2. On our down time, Israel returns to the doting, loving, caring brother he's always been, and takes up a bit of Keller duty, just to give me some space.

It's a nice trade, don't you think?


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