Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An Extra Hand

I had intended to phone ahead and look into local child care services in Michigan before we arrived, but the best intentions on my part were waylaid by the sudden departure we were exposed to.

Ah, well.


Enter the close of the first day of filming: the momma of a stand in for the lead character drew close to admire L'il Man in my arms. Chatting, chatting, chatting . . .


Seems her daughter had been granted permission to be on set, whilst her brother worked.

The permission relieved her of her normal and customary childcare duties back home.



Keller-man spent a couple of hours yesterday in the care and keeing of a delightful young lady, allowing me to be up close and personal to the action when Israel was in front of the camera.

Delightful for everyone.

However, it would seem that I've added to my already burgeoning brood: not one, not two, but MANY people asked her 'where is your mother?' - referring to me.

Seems we look quite a bit alike. :D

Maybe, for Keller's sake, that's not so bad! :D

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