Thursday, June 04, 2009

Konversation Korner: Full Kourt Press (Kinda)

"Hey Keller! Lookie what I've found! It's a badminton set!" said Keeton, gingerly handling the sports equipment.

He continued: "This is a racket; this is a . . . "

" . . . Keller! What the heck are ya doin' man? These ain't the kinda birdies you EAT!!"

So, the Kboyz decided they would match each other in a friendly game. Off they went, to their respective sides of the net.

Soon, however, technicalities arose. That net was awfully high, and there were also tennis balls in the vicinity. This would call for a time out, to discuss things.

"Ok, Keller," said Keeton, determined to be the ring leader, "We are going to play tennis now. I like the balls better. Here is how you use them. Ready? Watch!"

As the ball sailed into the nearby woods, the KBoyz looked on.

"Keeton!" Keller chided. "Why did you do that? That's not fair, nor is it fun! How will we play now, with the ball disappeared into that thicket??!"

A tussle ensued.

A different kind of 'full kourt press' that required adult intervention. Another adventure of the KBoyz and Konversation Korner komplete . . .


1 comment:

Karen (KayKay) said...

Both just as cute as they can be!

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