Wednesday, May 20, 2009


An uncharacteristically chilly morning greeted the DellDog and I yesterday, as we set out on a potty break. The air was so brisk that I made a command decision to utilize the quick, close-by standard spot, as opposed to our leisurely walk through the woods.

Dell was motivated to move quickly as well [for entirely different reasons] and he chose the tree nearest the driveway as his resort du jour. I stood hugging my body close, ready at the first opportunity to dash back into the warmth of indoors.

Suddenly, without warning, a loud whoosh of flapping wings skimmed the top of my head! An angry momma bird, letting me know I'd entered her territory ~ and I'd better watch out!

I was stunned.

The little bird house that the Israeliboy had made many years ago was her landing pad, and quickly the sound of little chirps from within began a cresendo of demands for food.

I was tickled.

The day progressed, and then waned into one of the most beautiful evenings we've had in southern Mississippi for some time. Taking advantage of the weather, the entire family ventured out of doors, I with my camera, hoping for a glimpse of the nesting Momma.

She didn't disappoint.

We're still discussing what breed she might be. Does anyone recognize her breed?From House Finch to Crested Nutbrown, and several thoughts in between, she remains an enigma.

A beautiful one, though, as she nurtures her littles in the Little House On The Tree.


Jamie said...

She looks like a Tufted Titmouse to me, although I can't tell from the photos whether she has that little rust-colored patch beneath her wings.

Maybe these links will help you decide if that's what she is:

Tufted Titmouse @ Cornell Lab of Ornithology: are some nice photos on Flickr, too: she is, it looks like you have some fascinating new neighbors in her and her brood. :) And, as my 2-year-old adds, the mama bird is "Tow tute!" ("So cute"--and she really is. Gotta love a brave little mother bird.)

Luke said...

My mom has a bird feeder and so keeps track of the birds who visit her. I'm not the bird expert so I have no idea [smile].

But that is fun!


~ Angi :) said...

I've never been one to differentiate between birds of a feather, so, I'm starting at zero in this identification thing, Luke!

Jamie, Gil agrees with your assessment ~ so, regardless of whether or not we're right, we're naming her. Mrs. T. Titmouse it is. She is very welcome here. :)

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