Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Carnival? More Like A Circus.

I could scarcely believe my ears ~ could it be true? The GilGuy was planning our family vacation, and he was checking out the cruise lines.


I'd long waited to do a cruise, so, with bated breath I stood by while he did his thing. Unlike me, who makes decisions in *almost* split-second timing, my man likes to mull things over, research, and take his time - reassuring himself that he's making the right decision.

I waited.

Employing patience.

{tapping my foot}

Finally, the word came forth. "I'm going to do it. I'll book the cruise tomorrow."

Excitement flooded my being and my mind began racing toward the wonderful sights we would see when we arrived at port.

Like a child on Christmas Eve, I went to sleep dreaming of sugar plums that danced in my head.

Daybreak came, and I roused singing happily in my heart. My joy was shortlived. Checking the news, stormy rain clouds moved upon the horizon of my mind.

Swine Flu.
The CDC.
Travel warnings.

Our plans were suddenly dashed about on the high seas of a storm that arose out of nowhere.

Not moved by fear, however, we considered going forward with our plan. Night fell, and the GilGuy considered once again.

By the next morning, the decision had been made for him. Carnival Cruise lines had diverted all of their ships to a different destination, putting the trip we wanted on hold indefinitely.


By now, a week has passed, and the media has not been able to keep up the frantic pace of fearmongering they had begun. Less and less the news reports filter H1N1 information. More and more, the accounts of various readouts have conflicting information, thereby negating any truth to either story.

The Media Three-Ring Circus had its' day, the lights are dimming on the show, and I sit pondering the fact that our family sat in the crosshairs in a very unusual way.

I suppose one day in hindsight I might understand the delay I've received on a pleasant dream in my heart. I just hope that when that hindsight arrives I'm sipping a lemonade on the veranda, next to the pool which sits atop the ocean liner headed into the deep blue sea and dazzling waters of the Caribbean.

Is that really too much to ask?


Karen (KayKay) said...

Hopefully all this media based craziness will end soon - they'll be on to the next thing - and you'll get to go on your cruise.

Karen/flutter2you said...

Delighted to hear that you're ready to embark on a cruise! You know we've been on two - a different cruise line, though - and loved different aspects of each
different trip.

Can't wait to hear when you are planning to go - !

Anonymous said...

hMMm do wE geT tO gO??.. we havE our OWn monEy! anD pREttY babY boy NamEd kEetoN he wouLD lOVE to EmbarK on sUCh a trIP!! tuNE mE iN... sinCe You havE yeT to teLL me lol :)

~ Denise ~ said...

Circus. Carnival. I've already had fun! See...a vacation-on-blog. I feel rested and relaxed. ;) lol

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