Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sweet Shine of Success

If one were to walk into my home at this very moment, one would find disarray strewn about from one room to the other: evidence of our mad dash out the door, and subsequent return from a getaway over the weekend.

Every room, that is, of course, except for ~ the kitchen.

The Kitchen has a glint in it's eye; a smile on it's face; as it stands ready to receive the homecoming crew. The counters are clean; the pots, pans, and silverware neatly put away in orderly fashion . . . even the floor also shines with it's recent cleansing.

My lockdown measures produced a new cooperation. Today, I do believe I'll release the captives from their respective prohibitions, and let them roam free once again. If they keep up the status quo, maybe I'll have to use the same technique on the rest of the house! :D

1 comment:

~ Denise ~ said...

oooh....release the captives! yay!! ;)

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