Thursday, May 07, 2009

Enough Already!!

The GilGuy as instituted some very fine principles 'round this place. The kind that one can hang their life-building character hat upon. However, in recent months, my heart has been increasing in angst over a character building principle run amok. Last night, I hit the wall. I could go no further with the status quo. I. was. done. Finito. Finished.

It was ovah.

"What happened!?" one might exclaim.

So glad you've asked.

I reclaimed my kitchen.

Let me explain:

Gil is a firm believer that The Chef shouldn't be the one to clean up. This principle takes on an even heavier weight of importance when coupled with the knowledge that The Chef just so happens to be The Mom ~ because now honor and respect play into the deal.

There are perks to having such a system in place. Exhaustion is held at bay; The Chef is able to focus entirely on the creation of deliciousity, rather than be minimized at the thought of such a recipe causing a great deal of clean up; and - not to be forgotten - Helpers post-supper grant The Mom extra surf time. (always of great value!) ~Big Grin~

"So what, pray tell, could possibly cause angst when such a sweet system is in place??" you care to know?

I'm so glad you've asked.

Let me explain:

Having two teens share the kitchen duties brings with it the argument du jour. Different day, different disagreement - but noise nonetheless.

"Aubrey, you didn't unload!"
"Yes I did! AND I put the pots into water to soak!" and so on . . .

Said such teens also appear to have an aversion to correcting any dishwasher mishaps by handwashing any items still not fully cleansed. Therefore, items are either held indefinitely in the dishwasher -or- [aghast!] put away in a dirty state!!


Furthermore ~ my kitchen utensils repeatedly fail to return to their home. I have spent enormous amounts of time looking for -say- my measuring cups only to find that they've been placed -hypothetically speaking- behind the china serving platter that we used last Thanksgiving, for example.


The hunt for kitchen tools drives me crazy!

Oh. Add one more thing to the list, please . . . my counters rarely seem to be in a state of cleanliness and order. There seems to always be at least one - if not more items 'left out' for one reason or another.

"That has to soak overnight."
"It's clean, but there wasn't room in the cupboard for it!" and so on.


Now, hear me, Choosers. I'm not one to rant and rave here at ChoiceCentral. I'm merely trying to tell a story ~ and, well . . . YOU ASKED! [rhetorically speaking, I realize . . .but . . .]

It was this type of errant behavior that had gone on for m o n t h s that finally got my goat and caused me to put my foot down.

There was a shakedown last night, I tell ya. The earth split open and time stopped for two teens who earn privileges based on their family team participation.

Today, I'm cleaning out cupboards and setting my culinary world aright.

Already this morning, I've requests from [two persons unmentioned] that they be instructed on the proper living quarters for each kitchen item.


The point of critical mass for me might well translate into a learning lesson to my benefit . . .

Stay tuned.
This could get good.



Anonymous said...

So much tact and grace!!! I am always amazed at how well you handle things. I aspire to handle them as well!

Dawn Sodini said...

We need pictures of this massive kitchen overhaul!!

~ Denise ~ said...

Yesterday there was it's Enough Already. Isn't life funny like that? ;0 lol

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I also need my one dishwasher unloader to have a class in the proper living quarters of ONE knife. Is it too much to ask that the knife that is too long for that drawer where the paring knives reside to be put in the utensil turnstile thingy which is right there within arms reach????

Will the class have printed handouts? PDF format links on your blog? :)

~ Angi :) said...

{curtsy} Thanks for the kudos . . .but I tell ya: It wasn't a pretty sight. :P

As for photos, Dawn? Hm. Me thinks I'll pass. It's pretty gnarly in *there* right now! LOL

D ~ might I draw your attention to the age category we're talkin' about here?!? LOL Ah. I rarely fuss about my teens as some do . . .but every now and again . . . bleah! {chuckling}

Jules: You stand as my lone representative. My alibi in this matter. I'll have my people call your people! LOL

Anonymous said...

You still have my number b/c as I remember there was a bit of a struggle with that one other time! :))))

Luke said...

May the situation resolve itself beautifully in the end.

And I love the phrase "got my goat" [smile].


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