Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Mom

He's home!
The plane arrived a half an hour early, leaving my 14 year old lad standing in the appointed meeting-spot, just as he had been instructed - one small detail of a bevy of details that he was required to carry out over the past two weeks - aka: All Alone in LA.
Of course, that is not exactly the case ~ after all, Grandpa helped him manuever the first three days; and several folks assisted by being a 'host home' . . . however, that does not diminish in our eyes the mature actions of this boy-turning-to-man.
Our son successfully accomplished the following:
  • The negotiation of three airports, the details and complexities thereof
  • He was a veritable GPS system for Grandpa for three days
  • Negotiated the LA Public Library computer system to download and print a VIP last minute script
  • Attended numerous auditions, fully prepared
  • Landed a 'screen test,' as one of two being considered for a major network project
  • Handled the emotional disappointment of not being selected with grace and great character
  • Handled VIP papers and documents with utmost care, including a debit card and passport, resume's and headshots
  • Maintained his personal belongings, including a PSP, a laptop, and a cell phone
  • Behaved in very generous manner with his finances, graciously sharing of what he had to those either in need, or out of friendship, around him
  • With servant heart, assisted in the care and keeping of his host homes' tidiness
  • Did his own laundry
  • Researched an unexpected necessary purchase online before entering a store, so as to receive the best deal for the best price
  • Completed 'pick ups' on a film in progress
  • Requested instructions for final review before coming home
  • Behaved as a gentleman every step of the way

What Momma wouldn't be proud? :D


Sharon said...

gee! I'm bursting with pride and he isn't my son at all... I can imagine you must be over the moon! Great Job Israel!! :)

Jenny said...

That is quite the accomplishment for such a young man!! I can just imagine the pride you must feel!!

Luke said...



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