Monday, April 13, 2009

Do You Want The Dirt?

Not only am I posting late today, I'm torn between two posts ~ one containing 'the dirt' on my current contemplations of great import; the second being 'the dirt' for real . . .neither, mind you, to be confused with the 'pay dirt' of which I blogged two weekends ago! lol

In an effort to be relatively quick in getting a post up, I've opted for the skinny on my new dirt source - my creation - the fruit of my labor over the weekend.

Wanna see??

Here it is! I finally found a bulk source for vermiculite, and it arrived on the back of a FedEx truck Saturday morning. Soon, I was mixing and stirring a three part soil mixture lovingly known in the Square Foot Gardening circles as "Mel's Mix."

Beginning with the compost, I truly wondered how I would end up with a - to quote Mel - "fresh smelling" soil mixture was beyond me!
However, I diligently turned and sifted all the ingredients as directed . . . and found all to be just as I had been informed: a light, nutritious, fresh smelling soil that drains well. Yay! :D

The entire mixing/earth moving/grid attachment process took just under three hours.
Gil helped with the grid, and we finished just before the evening rain came tumbling out of the sky.

I had grand plans of planting on Easter Sunday, but alas, *that* idea was pre-empted by "The Cooking Hour(s)" - two distinct windows of time wherein I aided and guided my teens through a culinary creation of their own, each working a step above their current kitchen skill level.

Ah well.


Perhaps this afternoon I'll pop some seeds in the ground.

After all ~ I've got the dirt.



jmquilts said...

I think Keller wanted to help. ;) Look how big he is back there in the wagon.

Sharon said...

I have always wanted to do something like that but... *sigh... with all of the cats running the neighborhood I am afraid it would become one big litter box.

knit1kids4 said...

How's come you ordered your dirt? Am I going to have trouble finding it local? We are going to do ours soon... still can get to cold here to plant.

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