Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog Fodder.

Occasionally, a blogger hits pay dirt when it comes to substance upon which to pen a varied and interesting note. Visual accruments always a plus, the blogger who finds themselves within camera range of said such substance might as well deem themselves most fortunate.

Such was this bloggers' good fortune yesterday. Intentioned on having a gentle, relaxed day of reading a fresh stack of books from the library, and perhaps taking a nap, I learned quickly that it was not to be so.

For starters, I awoke to the request for waffles. I obliged.

Then, the phone call came in.

"Mom, can we [take advantage of the overnight torrential rains that flooded the yard] come muddin' at your place today?" Bethany queried.

Next thing I know, a strange jeep driven by a doo-ragged driver is splattering gleeful and ecstatic onlookers, and a gaggle of 20+ somethings have overrun the front 40.
My role in all of this? Feed the masses.

I promptly and proficiently executed the task, taking care so as to not invite the mud-daubers indoors.

Such impromptu goings on make for great and interesting blog posts, and creates wonder at the fact that such frivolity is found here in the Deep South.

Wouldn't you agree?


knit1kids4 said...

When my kids grow up I want to be a mom just like you!

The Hayes Zoo said...

Wow -

I've never even HEARD of doing this...on purpose. :) Unless you count those mud wrestling chicks on cable.

You are quite the cool mom...

Jamie Jo said...

What fun! I guess I'm not likely to hit "pay dirt" or pay mud any time soon. It's been so long since I've seen rain or mud, I can't even imagine such a thing. Yes, you are certainly a cool mom.

~ Denise ~ said...

omg!!! I KNOW gil didn't approve of this yard-tearing up activity. lol ;)

Luke said...

That is good stuff.

You hit the blog pay dirt for sure! [smile]


Michelle said...

Angi, that is so 'neat'.LOL

You are one cool mom for sayin' yes! They all looked like they had a great time.

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