Monday, January 12, 2009

Sketchy At Best

I don't know what it's like at your house, but here in the semi-country landscape we live in, the technological age and usage thereof hasn't quite been perfected yet. Never is this fact more poignantly portrayed than when my big girls stop by for a visit.

The uncanny and maddening search for cell phone reception in our home takes a position of priority for my twenty-somethings. Most recently, Bethany found the perfect means by which to be certain to obtain a signal. May I present her method? It may be that another individual on the blogosphere might benefit from her tactic.


TA-DA! Behold the Reception Gadget!

Yes, Ladies and Gents, Choosers everywhere: You, too can extend the usefulness of your venetian blinds!


Yes. The perfect solution ~ for when your reception is sketchy, at best.


Enjoy your Monday!


jmquilts said...

LOL!! Well, that would be one we never tried!

Thankfully we switched companies and now don't have to do the odd reception dance with our phones. :)

Beth said...

LOL. That is a great use for the blinds.

Dawn Sodini said...

I wondered what she was doing last night now I know. How creative! Hi from Mia. Mia loves Aubrey!

Sharon (sk) said...

haha! That reminds me of my kids... for whatever reason their phones get really good reception if we hold them behind my head... creeeeepy... ;)

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