Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've taken in the information.
I've sucked up and printed out the chart.
I've successfully documented.

Here, Choosers, is a representative glimpse into my nocturnal life:

9:13 pm - 12:13 am: Keller sleeps
12:13 am - 12:27 am: nursed, 10 minutes

12:27 am - 1:17 am: Keller sleeps
1:17 am - 1:27 am: nursed, 10 minutes

1:27 am - 3:14 am: Keller sleeps
3:14 am - 3:30 am: nursed, 16 minutes

3:30 am - 6:30 am: Keller sleeps
6:30 am - 7:00 am: nursed, 30 minutes

7:00 am: Keller awake for the day.

Total number of awakenings: 4
Longest sleep span: 3 hours
Total hours of sleep: 8 hours, 13 minutes

Another attempt, a new methodology in the search for a good night's sleep.

I feel hopeful again.


atara said...

Hey girl! How old is Keller?
I know when our LO came home, he was doing the three hour thing.

dixiecup12 said...

What is he eating throughout the day? And what time/how much does he eat for supper? You would think that even with nursing he should be waking up once maybe twice to nurse...just a thought. Or is he really truly nursing or just comfort sucking? Herein lies the age old At least he goes back to sleep and doesn't stay up for hours to play during the middle of the night. One day you shall sleep again.

Just look ahead to when he is at the stage we are at. I assembled the toddler bed this afternoon and got his new Diego bedding on it. Tonight is the first night in it. He was in his converted crib last week...but after a week of him falling out and then getting in bed with me I took the plunge and got a toddler bed with side rails....Can you tell I am thrilled to be at the 2 year old phase now?? Enjoy every and I both know they grow up way too fast.

Mom to 4 Sweeties said...

I recognize that!!!! Hello NCSS!!! I SO hope it helps!! I will be lifting your sleep needs and Keller's nighttime needs up in prayer!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Angi this was my youngest dd. it took a long time for her to sleep through the night. She was not nursing she was just up. Praying for peace and rest for you and Keller.

walknlove said...

Ang, I've been there. Sleep. Sleep. The thing we don't always want to admit we need to be in the best mood. Some things I wondered about myself in a negative way I discovered were from a lack of sleep.

Praying for wisdom and for deep peaceful sleep for you and Keller.

Meanwhile, superhuman strength for you. Unyielding and impenetrable strength.

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