Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Berry Cold Day

The winds were brisk, carrying upon their arms an edge of northern cold, seeking to impinge upon the southern winter warmth.

Bundled we were, from top to bottom, as we trudged the wooded pathway behind our home. Gil, intent on wood for a roaring fire, disappeared into the thicket of bramble. Dell, delighted to be freely sniffing all the glorious scents available to him, happily dashed back and forth between the mighty lumberjack and his fair maiden (that would be me).

It was Keller who remained oblivious to the biting chill in the air.

His focus was sure, his grip intent, his aim his belly.

L'il Man, the Berry Cute Boy on a Berry Cold Day.


gilSilvers said...

These are no ordinary berries, friends. They're huckleberries.

Beth said...

He is a Berry cute Boy!

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