Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Search For Sleep

I stumbled across the book at the library two weeks ago. Good Nights by Jay Gordon, MD and Maria Goodavage beckoned to me like a lighthouse in a foggy port.

L'il Man has consistently broken all the previous baby-hood tracks put in place by his four older siblings. Overall I've not minded ~ but one item has been a source of chagrin to me: At [days from] fifteen months, he has yet to sleep through the night.

Night nursings and close proximity to parental body heat has been Keller's constant desire. All of this could (and to a certain degree has been) remedied by the family bed and variations thereof. However - with the GilGuy a light sleeper, and my need for a schosh more mattress space than I've been afforded - the days have been numbered for my more-than-generous patient dealings with Mr. Night Owl.

I expected to be put off by the academic wisdom of the authors. How wrong I was. Instead of chiding me for the measures I've taken thus far for gaining zzzz's, they managed to affirm me, and grant me a sense of peace - a pat on the back, if you will - for the tactics I've employed thus far. Bouyed by this renewal of confidence, albeit sleepily, I continued my course.

For about four more nights.

You see, imbedded near the end of the book was a plan. A plan so carefully calculated as to ease the pang of a momma's heart as she 'lay down the nocturnal law of sleep rules.' The plan's intent was to redirect the child to accept the fact that the Midnight Diner was not open 24 hours, and that it was perfectly acceptable for the child to sleep in his own bed, a mere three feet from his mother's side. Ten days was the minimum action requirement, with potential for the plan to take longer, depending on [your particular] child's temperament and wiring. I made mental note, and determined at some point to use the program.

Night four post my introduction to The Plan was my breaking point. I do not recall why it was my breaking point, it just was. Something had to give.

That is why this morning, as the final morning preparations of my husband's course for work stirred me awake, I pried my eyes open to the light with great labor.

"Oh, he did so much better last night!" my husband exclaimed.

Incredulous, I tried to wrap my brain around his perception and make it my own.

It was near impossible.

Evidently, Momma's soothing baby from an upright standing position numerous times vs merely listening to the Momma fix the night-cog of the son equals a better night sleep for the paternal section of the family bed.

I'll report back in on our progress regarding The Search For Sleep in a few more days.

That is, of course, if I'm still coherent.


atara said...

Hey girl! My heart goes out to ya! A Mom with no sleep is not a good thing!

Rick said...

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Joyce said...

Oh my dear!! I am NOT a night-time-momma and thankfully my dc learned that quite quickly. Can't wait to read you updates.


Mom to 4 Sweeties said...

Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution was the path to Abby now sleeping through the night (11pm-8am) in her own bed in her own room next door at 14 months. I also used it for co-sleeping, all-night nursing Max at 24 months and it worked on him, too! I do love Dr. Jay, though! What a great man! Good luck with the sleep - being tired is tough!! (Spoken by someone who works 3-7 am 7 days a week!! :o) )

Karen (KayKay) said...

Oh, you poor thing. It's been a while since I've been there, but you never forget. I used to say that all I wanted was at minimum of 6 hours sleep in a row. Hope the plan works and you get that and more.

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