Sunday, October 12, 2008


The chill in the air is distinct this morning.

As I realized I'd have to exit from beneath the covers against my will, I made mental note of where my jacket was, since I'd surely be needing it!

The smell of warm apples greeted me when I stepped into the kitchen, creating a warm homey feel amidst all the temporary chaos that surrounds me: I've a kitchen in disarray after a cooking frenzy yesterday; boxes half packed with finished school books. Laundry in various stages of cleanliness; the usual Keller clutter; my desk - brimming high with piles of nondescript items awaiting my attention . . .and this:

I had turned my back for one. moment. while stirring cookie dough yesterday morning. My child (who shall remain anonymous) took a turn on the computer. When we switched places, I was greeted by flying banner ads, each opening furiously in an explorer window of their own.

My day took an immediate shift from the planned hike to emergency crisis mode. I'll spare you the play by play action. Suffice it to say, I *think* this mornings' scan will result in a successful eradication of all things virus-y.

Meanwhile, I feel very in tune with my Dad, Country Music's Computer Guru this morning. I can see him in my mind's eye, on those cold Nebraska mornings, coffee cup in hand.
I can see him, sitting in front of [yet another] mechanical and/or electronic device, making reparations as necessary. I can hear his voice over the telephone, verbally instructing me on the next step.

Perhaps the only imagery missing from my nostalgic view would be this:

The DellDog, just as determined to stay warm this morning as I.

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mary grace said...

Not that I'm gloating or anything, Ang ... but you know, my MAC never even gets the sniffles. :-)

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