Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Trekkies: Part 2

Having my sense of balance askew was a new situational experience that I hadn't planned on running into, when we headed out to Vasquez Rocks. Normally very game for a solid hike, even a bit of terrain, I found myself a bit disappointed that I couldn't reach the summit myself, if I continued with Keller in tow. From my current perch, I watched, with a bit of chagrin, the children enjoying every moment of their vista.

The sun was beating down on us with an unexpected ferocity. I stood, perspiring, for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, as though I could relate to Hagar, when she ran out of water for her son, sought solace under the nearest desert shrubbery I could find. Thankfully, the park service saw fit to supply a picnic table, so that I didn't have to recline in the sandy soil.

The rest proved needed, but unsatisfying . . .as I truly wanted to find a vantage point of my own. Gil and I began meandering around the canyon. He found a crevice that caught his attention, and soon, he disappeared from sight. I continued on, circling the backside of the precipice:

There, about halfway down the side of the craggy rock, just under the lip lay a wonder that I was soon to discover. As I came closer to the vertical view of the outcrop, I saw from below a "keyhole". It appeared to be an easy ascension, so I began gingerly making my way upward, Keller now seated securely on my hip. He continued to remove his hat, though, so I once again became concerned about the intense sunrays that sought us out like a piece of bacon in a frying pan.

Up, up, up I climbed. The grip was easy, even though I could turn and look down, aware that we were quite high from the level ground. Once I reached the area nearest the keyhole, there was no way I could go any further, without some serious rock climbing manuevers. No way, with Keller on my hip, that I could do it. So, once again, I sat.

In the distance, I could see Israel ~ ant-like, as he scampered the canyon floor. I called to him. He couldn't see me, but he followed the sound of my voice, until, finally, he managed to meet me, under yet another shrub. I immediately put him to work.

"Here. Take care of Keller. I want to investigate the keyhole." I told him. I turned, and began climbing up the rough edges of the rock, leaving Keller contendedly playing with my oldest son.

Ahhhh ~ from the vantage point of the keyhole I took in the vistas. The beauty that lay before me encircled my being, and a peaceful sense of solitude, plus the presence of God surrounded me. I became quite interested in a bird on a nearby lone tree branch, amazed that a tree was even able to grow in such conditions.

As I futzed and fiddled with my camera settings, totally engrossed in my happy place, I suddenly heard slipping gravel. Turning to discover the source, my mouth gaped open as Israel's head poked up above the rock, with Keller securely attached to his hip and shoulder. Egads!

"Aaak! Israel! Be careful with him!" I nearly shouted. Israel confidently looked at me, and said, "We're fine. I've got him." And with those words, began investigating the keyhole himself.

Sure enough, Keller was fine. And when we left our little hideaway, I didn't watch as Israel navigated the mountainside downward. I just swallowed hard, and prayed. True to form, the IsraeliBoy kept his little brother safe and sound.

We found the others waiting at the vehicle, almost panicked over where we might be. Relieved to see us, they assisted in loading the car with precious life. As we drove away, everyone had stories to tell . . .but no one came close to describing the moment when I knew that the Lord had given me a cleft in the Rock in which to find His presence in a dry and thirsty land.


Annette said...

So cool. Can you imagine what some of the caves in Israel must be like?

Annette in MN

Joyce said...

I LOVE and have times of clinging to that verse.... and the tune pops in my head... and covers me there with His hand... Ahhh...

And OTOH... how did you do the cool picture thing of Israel enlarged in the corner? Neato! ;)

Beth said...

Another fun & learning filled journey! I envy your ability to find joy and peace in your circumstances. You are a wonder to me, My Friend.

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