Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Telecommute

When Gil received word that yes, he could telecommute for a portion of The Adventure, I honestly didn't know what to expect. How would we, as a rambunctious family, cope with needing to move about in hushed tones and mindful ways? How would I, the brightness and sunshine lover, handle his need for no glare on the computer screen, meaning the shades would have to be kept shut?

I'm delighted to find that we've accomplished week one with nary a problem.

Instead, the required early rise suits my morning glory husband to a T; and the close of his work day - still being mid-afternoon for us - has meant that the GilGuy has been able to tag along for an audition or two.

We've spent several hours working less than two feet from each other, the clacking of computer keys blending in a musical cresendo of a chirpy sort. Conference calls have been manuevered by removing babies to the swimming pool, and breakfast for us has been lunch for him.

I'd say it's a wonderful window, having my companion next to me, in this simplified lifestyle we are currently living.

To look ahead to the drawing close of this time is yet too undesirable for me. While I know the time will fly, and things will once again shift, for the moment, I am incredibly happy.

My heart sings.

Thank you, Lord, for internet technology. Once, it brought my husband and I together to form a lifetime union. Now, it serves as the catalyst of connection of a different, yet just as valuable sort. I am very grateful.

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