Friday, May 16, 2008

Her Turn.

For Aubrey, attending yesterday's audition with Israel went much smoother. She'd preened herself for looking optimistically at the opportunity posed for another, and that preening served her well. Not once did she head south; not once did she crash and burn emotionally.

No, as I'm sure inquiring minds want to know ~ she did not get tapped on the shoulder to audition herself out of the blue . . .but she DID get the suprise of her life shortly after we dropped Israel off at his next task: class.

Since I'm a DriverExtraordinaire in all things LA [giggle!], I considered what two children and I might do for an hour and half while we waited.

Starbucks was nearby, but I happened upon a larger, much more exciting prospect!

I immediately put my plan into action, under clandestine speech. Cruising downthe highway as though I'd lived here all my life, we whizzed by the Ford Theatre. Aubrey began protesting. "Mom! Mom! I know that's where Nicholas Cage's handprints are! Take me there, puh-lease!!!"

Hmmm. No. Dear.

I kept driving, and she settled in for the ride. Soon, we were parking in familiar territory. The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Again. This time, though, we were higher up on the strip, and much closer to my planned destination. Take a look for yourself, and just wonder outloud: "Is Angi a FANTASTIC mother or what?!?!?" Then, sip your coffee, and continue on. ")

She literally stumbled upon it.

Then she shrieked.

Then, she began preening the cement sidewalk as though it had a cowlick. [Can you tell preening is one of our current vocabulary words? I'm using it for effect, for Aubrey, who is *certain* we didn't go over it yesterday. Yeah. Right. ")]

It was at this juncture that I began getting really excited about my plan. All the pieces were falling into place nicely, and I was assured of getting a marvellous response out of her in just a few short moments.

But there were roadblocks ahead.

We had taken the sidewalk underneath the scaffolding. Soon, we happened upon this scene:

Didja catch that? Here, take a closer look:

Yep. Spidey was out, and his Spidey senses told him that something was up with the AubreyGirl. He swore himself to secrecy, and assured me he would utter not a word. I was so grateful!

HA! I crack myself UP! That was halarious!!! Spidey, sworn to secrecy - won't say a word! LOLOLOLOL!!

[Ahem] Well, anyway, very soon, we were at my intended destination. Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Only Aubrey didn't know that. I hedged on our recent China studies in school. "Aubrey! Look at THAT!"

She wasn't very impressed . . .but at this juncture I didn't mind, as I slyly said . . . .

"Aubrey! Now look down!" She did so, and then burst into squeals of excitement!

An immediate hunt for Nicolas Cage embarked.

We saw many famous prints. Clark Gable; Fred Astaire; Ron Howard . . .

Yet for all the looking and searching, Nicolas was lost in the crowd. The inevitable finally dawned on her. She'd have to ask someone.

Summoning all of her courage and bravery, drawing a deep breath, she walked away, looking for anyone who might appear important enough to know.

And that's when it happened.

I heard my name being called from across the portico.

She had found it! "Mom! I didn't have to ask! The minute I stopped looking so hard ~ I found him!!!"

So here was my baby girl. Third from the top, and her own person through and through, learning, unwittingly, yet another life lesson of great import.

Yes, I'd say she's growing into some bigger shoes, this girl-turning-lady.

If I could have ever hoped to capture a photo that revealed the internal burst of emotion that she was expressing, I could have never planned to do so. This, a gift to my mother's heart, the one that say's "Good Job, Mom", this once in a lifetime capture, says it all:

Yes, looking at life through the eyes of expectation and hope; of being glad for the other person; of letting go of something so greatly desired in order to obtain it; these are lessons of life that bring up to maturity and adulthood.

May we all remember to walk in these wisdoms.

And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us. Romans 5: 3-5


Annette in MN said...

Hey Angi... IsAMom here from the SL forums (I'm no longer hanging out there), but I LOVE following your journey in LA. I feel blessed each time I read of your adventures through your wit and courage. I love your sense of humor. Good job, mom, on showing Aubrey the Cage landmarks. I would consider that a job WELL Done!!!

I lived in Manhattan & Redondo Beaches for about 2years before coming back to Minnesota. I drove to the valley every day for work. I was there during the 1994 earthquake.

I can't wait to see what your next adventure is!

Annette in MN

Kim & Dave said...

LOVED this post, Angi!

You ROCK, Mama!!!

Wendy said...

Angi I see you in her face. :)

Leslie said...

That's so cool, Angi! To think, we were just there a couple of weeks ago (and Dana, Leslie/MLS and Jenn518 looked a lot like your little girl did!)!!

dawn said...

Enjoy! Aubrey we miss you! Mia even called Bethany "Aubrey" -when we went to get your dad from the airport.

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