Monday, May 19, 2008


Yesterday morning, the children and I attended the local fellowship that we, as a family while Gil was present, determined was to be our connect point while The Adventure plays out.

Driving up the scenic tree laden street, I couldn't help but smile, as a group of individuals arrived on time, simultaneously, on foot, in cars . . .The spring-like morning encompassed us all in a state of happy greeting as we entered the home of the host family.

Finding a comfortable spot among a group of new and just-met faces was easy, as the knowledge that we all shared Christ Jesus in common was at the forefront. The diversity of backgrounds gave flavor to the gathering. A kindly, pleasant professor from a local college; a couple of Chinese descent, business professionals with remarkable insight; a man of Hispanic descent and gentle manner, a former gang member turned Christ-ward; a beautiful young mom, single parenting her children, with a toward-Christ heart; two married couples: one gracious and gentile, native to California, one adventurous and excited about Christ-life, from the midwest. Then, there was us. One Mom, two teens, and a baby. Everyone was willing to share.

Share we did. The past week's events, prayer points and requests, conversation of current events that impacted us personally.

And then, the breaking of the Bread of Life:

It was at this Truth, this centerpoint that we all lay down our own indentifiable mannerisms and qualities in exchange for taking up the mind of Christ, and sharing His life, choosing His ways over our own self-directed thoughts and ideas. The Word now took center stage, and we participated in and with the Scriptures, allowing the two-edged sword to hone and refine us for the Master's use.

It was hearty dialouge.

It was pertinent to the day we live in.

It was as a refreshing drink on a warm day.

Time sped by, and all too soon, the day shifted, and we parted ways.

The drive home was reflective. The knowledge of a new community had been brought to life in my heart. No longer alone in the journey, my heart had begun the knitting of kinship with these folks.

My brothers, my sisters.

Family I'd previously been oblivous to, unaware of their existance, now front and center.

I cannot help but wonder ~ to what end, and to what purpose, Father, this gathering? this group? What plans do You have, joining us with these?

I welcome the unfolding and unveiling that will occur over the next few months, all the while praying that in being blessed, I will also be a blessing.

And they told what things were done in the way, and how he was known of them in breaking of bread. And as they thus spake, Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you. Luke 24:35-36


Joyce said...

I thought of you so much yesterday. Wondering what you were choosing. I am so thankful you found a place for connection and worship and learning.

So thankful for a community for you!!

Dawn said...

I too am grateful for a point of connection for all of you. Our fellowship had a much different face yesterday- 3 guys thoroughly enjoying "male bonding", 2 kids and 2 dogs- what a combo. Glad you had a blessed day and are enjoying a blessed adventure.

Kim & Dave said...

What a blessing your day sounds like it was!!!

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