Monday, April 07, 2008


A random act of kindness has left me emotionally bereft.

Therefore, today, a giveaway!

Our neighborhood friends found themselves rained upon via the cave-in of their bathroom ceiling, after the unusual weekend downpour. The automatic response of "yes" to the lending of the ladder and camera to record the damage for insurance purposes was quick and easy . . .

Until I put the device in her hands.

I was suddenly overcome by a strange twinge ~ a sensation of loss marked by separation.

That's weird. I told myself.

"This camera is [almost] my life." I said to her, releasing my grip.

She laughed while I smiled a pained, anxious smile, because she already knew that. She was fully aware. Of course she knows. Silly. I said to myself.

I comforted myself by the knowledge that in less than twenty-four hours I would see her again, and my sidekick would most assuredly be replaced to any one of the myriad of toting spaces in my vicinity, on my personhood.

{enter dramatic music here}

But then came the fateful news: the family had been roused awake repeatedly through the night by a child who had fallen ill. Most assuredly, they would not be attending fellowship, and, alas, my portable photographic device would not be coming home.

Alak and Alas!

I pondered my unusual pang of heart.

Of a certainty, I did not know nor realize just how attached I was to my beloved Canon Sure Shot IS2.

I found myself dying to self in a most unusual way. Surely the crucified life is about so much more than a camera? I thought.

Of course, my dying and death included a host of photographic opportunities, forever missed, because I did the right thing. Sighing deeply to myself, and considering my newly tortured state, I resigned my last living breath of desire associated with my camera to the knowledge that all is not lost:

My camera shall return. My sense of humor is still intact. My confession pure. My friendship solid.

Therefore [Spoken with index finger standing tall and firm, punching the sky before me], I shall live vicariously through a newfound photog fave!

And while we all wait, knowing that the crucified life is the best life, we can surf the skill and adept eye of Angela Giles Klocke, who, for the record, provided for me, via her etsy shoppe, an AMAZING set of note cards that [currently] rock my world!

So, my words of wisdom to all today is: Take a moment to stop and smell the roses. (Or at least look at them through the lens of the camera nearest you!)

Today's giveaway: Do you and/or one of yours/a friend or loved one find themselves in need of encouragement? Please allow me. I'd love to brighten the world of those who might be downcast by sending a happie notecard, complete with edifying Scripture as only I can place it, to said such one. If you've never received a note from me, please be assured (I've been told countless times) it is a wonderful thing! ") The bonus? Each handwritten note will be sent on none other than an autographed notecard emblazioned with a photo taken by Angela Giles Klocke!!

(Whew!) THAT was a mouthful!!

Leave a comment today, then, email me at JaJireh [at] with the name, address, and simplified reason why your recipient needs cheering . . .I'll be glad to send some sunshine their way. ")


Angela Giles Klocke said...

Well, this answers MY question, doesn't it! You make me smile. Thank you :)

Doug said...

Every photographer worth his pay always has atleast one back up camera.
Dont you know that? :)

Beth said...

You are such a sweet friend! You did the right thing and your friend appreciates your love & kindness immensely, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

There are those of us who know the heart pain you feel at the distance of your camera..enough said

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