Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Konversation Korner: Volume 5: Korralled!

On a sunny afternoon, in a makeshift playground, the imaginations ran wild, like ponies on the mountainside . . .

"Heyyyyyyyyy . . .what'cha doin' over there, Keller?? Hmmm?" said Keeton.

"Me? I'ma ridin' my hoss across the prairie. It's a wild bronco, and were headed for them thar hills! " Keller replied.

"It's fun! Ya wanna join me?" Keller egged Keeton on, cajoling him to join . . .

"Alright! This looks like it'll be easy enough to do. Can ya get that bronc to stay still long enough to let me on?" Keeton excitedly asked.

"Sure, but hurry . . .and HANG ON! You'll need to get a grib with yer knees . . .this one's a rough ride!" Keller, who was an expert, stated plainly.
"Whoa! Boy, howdy! but who knew this bronc had so much power? This wild pony's gonna eat my lunch!" Keeton bawled.
"Whew!" said Keeton, thinking to himself just how dangerous that ride really was. "Um, I think I'll get off here, Keller. You go on ahead without me!"
"Aw, shucks, Keet! You ain't even had a hard ride, let alone have this here bronc buck ya off! Are you a sissy???" Keller wondered outloud.

"Ain't no sissy, Keller. I just know when to get outta dodge quick. And this is one of those times! So long, pa'dna!"

1 comment:

Miss Monica said...

I can only imagine how much fun you all must be having with those two little guys at your house. I love Keeton's smile in the 4th pic. Too cute.

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