Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunshyne On My Shoulder

I felt a tad bit confused, loooking up into her smiling face as she walked in the door. After a hearty hug, I bent down and lifted up the hem of her jeans, looking for the platform shoes she most certainly must be wearing.

They didn't exist.

How on earth did she become taller than me? And what about that lean trim, fit marathon bod she was now sporting? Could my eyes possibly be decieving me?

Nope. It was Sunshyne. Piped in straight from heaven like oil from the depths of the earth.

Confirmation of the fact that I am short washed over me; however, my heart sang! Here she was, the woman (an introvert herself!) who had few years' earlier, gently lifted me out of a semi-isolated homeschooling funk.

She really wasn't interested in me, though. She had eyes for only one little guy in particular. That's ok. It gave me a refreshing glimpse, once again, like warm apple crisp on a cold day, of that perky little nose that has been absent from our home for so long . . .

While she has just begun her celebrity status in her new hometown, she'll always be a star with us. A cup of coffee, a cozy couch and some Sunshyne.

Nothing like it on God's earth.

Love you, girl! ")


Sunshyne said...

*sniffle* I love you! It was so great to see you all, even though it was a short visit. I was, indeed, enamored with that lil guy. He's been stealing my heart for months now! I'll be back soon enough for some more "cozy couch" time. Walking into the Broussard house was a bit like going *home* again...

Missing you already! Kiss that BABY for me. :)

Karen said...

Angi, I RECOGNIZE THAT SHIRT!!!! Got one just like it in my closet!!!! And what does it say on the shoulder???? 1999??????

Whew! Memories of my own are flooding thru my mind -

A "golden" friendship, another "Adventure" the Pearl of Great Price, searching high and low in Brownsville for Debbie, "I gave your (KFC) order to the car in front of you!"..... and on and on it goes!!

Just a snippet - but a breath of fresh air and "sunshine" all it's own!

PS - You're not short - God made you JUST RIGHT! STAND TALL (as always!!!)

Love you -

~ Angi :) said...


What a wild ride it's been since 99, too! :)

Yeah. those couch 'n coffee pitstops are vital.

comin' over?


Jodi said...

EGADS Indeed! Aren't you two so gorgeous and a sight for sore eyes!!!

I miss you all so much!!!

~ Angi :) said...

Well, come on over, girl! Whatcha waitin' for?!? :)

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